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Web design studio at advertising agency PUSH-K Solutions has been professionally engaged in web design since 2011. We create UX/UI interface design for sites and mobile applications, and also provide creative and design support for advertising campaigns. Our undoubted advantage as a web design studio is a powerful foundation – on the one hand, the advertising agency PUSH-K Solutions professionally embodies advertising campaigns for more than 10 years, and on the other hand, the agency creates websites since 2014. Thanks to this basis, our web designers always work in a team with experienced project managers and are able not only to fulfill the order creatively, but also to take into account all the marketing and technical requirements for design. Professional website development by PUSH-K Solutions web studio is an effective solution for your business tasks and a guarantee of return on investment.

Services of web design studio PUSH-K Solutions:

Design of interfaces for sites and applications (UX) and their structure (UI)

Banners, rich media, branding sites, preparing newsletters

Making pages of companies and brands in social networks and business portals.

The characteristics of our design for web: unique, professional, bright, stylish, high-quality graphics, adaptability, modernity, any level of complexity, usability, interactivity, intuitive, responsive… this, if to be short 😉. We will be happy to prove this, just give us any task.

Web sites creation

Website for Radio station

Website for wooden furniture workshop

Website for Robin Wood, the workshop for the manufacturing of unique wooden furniture.

Website for Language Centre

The website for the Cambridge Club language center, a leading educational institution for learning and improving the English language and trainings for teachers.

Website redesign

Website for incubators

Landingpage YES

Laptop Batteries Landingpage. Modern design, 3D integration, unusual front-end solutions. The work has been awarded with several prestigious awards.

Web Constructor of Boats

Website for Software

Website for Advisor - a service for managing energy savings and security of commercial real estate objects.

Plant`s Corporate Website

LP for headphones

Top Online Store

When we received the offer to develop online store from scratch, it was a serious challenge for us, we hadn`t faced such once before. Done.

E-commerce website Zroblyu!

Landing Page on USA Cars delivery

Website with its own unique style in dark colors, its own energy and with non-standard front-end solutions

Product Landing Page for MSI

Product Landing Page for MSI PRO displays and Cubi Mini PCs. Minimalism in design, just functionality, focus on products and easy to buy linking.

Stretch ceilings Landing Page

E-commerce website

Landing Page - Solar Energy

Landing Page presents the Sun Energy Company, their team, portfolio of completed projects with photo and geolocation in Ukraine.

Website for advertising campaign

Corporate website

Website development for construction company with great special machines fleet

Corporate website

The corporate website for event agency Prischepkin Event-Team

Gift promotion. Website

Online store

Website (LP). Security

Landing page for Video surveillance and Alarm systems design and installation services

Website (LP). Construction retail

Website (LP). Industrial equipment

Landing page for repair and service of Danfoss drives in Ukraine

Website&CRM for promo

Website catalog and CRM for managing MSI gift promotions in Ukraine.

Brand zone at festival

Digital Ad Campaign

Digital ad campaign

Digital advertising campaign for Panasonic Eneloop™ rechargeable batteries.

Website, fashion

Website (LP), mannequins

Landing Page for ETC, the top-manufacturer of trade equipment

Online store, winter stuff

Online store development for winter riding stuff - snowkites&tubings

Website (LP), driving schools

Website (LP), cosmetology

Website (LP), salt

The Landing Page developed for tablet salt commerce purposes

Website (LP), health&beauty

Website (LP) for fireplaces

Landing development for Stimlex fireplaces and accompanying goods sale

Website (LP), print infrastructure services

Landing Page for VS Technology on big companies office print infrastructure support services .

Website (LP), worktops

Website (LP), stretch ceilings

The bullet-time photo zone

The photo zone with bullet-time effect for CLUB 4 PAWS brand

Corporate website

Web development

Web development for TvBet

Online Store, powerbanks

Online Store development for Flash Market for power-banks with unique prints selling

Website, it-trainings

Website for web studio

Website (LP), incubators

Landing Page development for ТМ Teplusha incubators

Website, dentistry

Website (LP), electric cars from USA

Landing Page development for DreamCar for electric cars selling from USA auctions

Website (LP), stone decor

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